Our Services

Here are the services Dent Removal Bolton offers:

1. The right equipment.

We have the right tools suitable to remove damages and repair problems. Bodywork is something we take seriously – it’s a professional undertaking. That’s why we take into consideration all the tools necessary to perform the procedure. All needed tools are regularly checked for a swift repair.

2. We make sure everything works.

We keep a keen eye to every detail. We ensure that no detail is missed throughout the repair process. Every major problem begins with a small one, so we focus on every issue comprehensively.

3. DIY auto body repair and bodywork may cause more damage.

As mentioned, doing bodywork by yourself may cause additional damage to your vehicle. Not all car problems can be done by one who is not an expert. DIY repairs can do more harm than good, most especially when one has no proper knowledge and experience.

1. Scratch Removal.

Car scratches are an eyesore. Every car enthusiast and the owner knows how frustrating car scratches are. Know the types of scratches and the cost-effective solutions we can provide for you.

2. Dent Removal.

Most car dents can be treated through minimally invasive repairs by the experts. We, at Dent Removal Bolton, can remove round dents caused by any harsh objects for you!

3. Scuffs and Bodywork.

If you encountered a road accident and your car is not insured, it might take a while to have your car repaired. While it can get tempted to just live with the damage, it’s still best to have it fixed as soon as you can.

4. Bumper scuff repair.

Before spending lots of money on a bumper replacement, consider bumper scuff repair. Our high-quality bumper scuff repair services can bring your car’s bumper back to an excellent condition.

5. Alloy wheel refurbishment.

One of the common problems with alloy wheels is scratches. But, don’t worry, because we can return them in excellent condition. We’ll restore and refurbish your alloy wheels as soon as possible.

6. Minor crash repair.

If you’re no expert, then it’s time to call one. A perfect repair can only be achieved by professionals like Dent Removal Bolton. We take pride in bringing vehicles to the best condition possible!

7. Vandal scratch repair.

Our vandal scratch repair services can get your car fixed. As you know, if these vandal scratches are left untreated, the situation may worsen. It can make a huge impact on your car’s resale value on top of the esthetic problem.

8. Full resprays and custom bodywork.

We help you achieve your car 4goals. We, at Dent Removal Bolton, listen to whatever your preferences are.

9. Machine polishing and detailing.

If you need advice with machine polishing and detailing, do message us. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today!

Car Dent and Scratch Removal